Ey up, I'm Liam - Why I got started?

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Ey up, I'm Liam - Why I got started?

This is my story

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Liam Brewster
·Jan 17, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Hi there! My name is Liam and it’s so nice to have you read my blog 😊
  • Early School Years
  • More Recent Years
  • Where I Am Today
  • What I Plan To Do Next

Hi there! My name is Liam and it’s so nice to have you read my blog 😊

First of all, I am aware most of you will not have a clue about what the first words in my title means, so allow me to quickly explain that first.

so I am from the UK and more specifically the region is known as 'God's Own Country', but that doesn’t help you and I have probably made you more confused, but the region of the UK I am from is called Yorkshire we have our own dialect which can be very confusing. But more on that later, I am sure.

const Ey Up === Hello

Early School Years

From a young age, I always had an interest in computers, reading as much as I could and finding as many chances as possible to kick my mum or sister off the family computer so I could have a go,

It was a one desktop computer household that used old-school dial-up broadband that would clog up the phone line.

Throughout school, I took all the IT classes I could and did very well but never took it further from when I left school (2006), and my family always seemed to offer me out to the neighbors or friends to fix all their computer problems, because they found out I knew about computers and could often find a way to get it working again.

I went through University and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Business management ( this place below 👇 ) , so still nothing tech-related so far but then I begin to get the itch to learn more.


More Recent Years

So I was messing about with random WordPress sites for years then looked at learning ruby on rails as that kept popping up on google searches for what to learn, but I came across the Web Developer Bootcamp from Udemy, so purchased and started the course, but I seriously lacked the motivation to work through it so I got to the bootstrap section and didn't get any further. and I never came back to it. or did i?

so a few years go by and I get more involved in the technical side of my day job, so I started as Training Manager, moving onto Support Desk for our existing software, then onto QA testing new features for deployment, and all the way up to project management working with developers whilst they built some awesome projects.

the highs and lows of being a project manager got the itch back into me and a desire to upskill myself so I could be a better project manager but also a good opportunity to possibly diversify my income streams, getting back into web development seemed like a perfect option to look at again.

so from 2018/2019 onwards, I was more motivated and more mature to be able to stick at my goal of pushing myself out of my comfort zone to learn.

Where I Am Today

So to bring you up to date on where I am on my journey.

November 2020, I decided I wanted to learn Web Development again and Colt Steele just revamped his web developer course so it was all fresh and relevant information ( I’ll do a review blog shorty for it)

I completed this on the 9th September 2021, so I can’t claim to be in the 3-month dev club you see so many of the YouTubers and Twitter personalities bang on about, I even missed the 6-month club too! But I did it at my pace plus welcomed our daughter in February so needed a good chunk of weeks off with her that I didn’t spend doing the course

Whilst doing the course I also began to find family and friends wanting websites that I could build and charge them for, I would buy a template online then alter it to fit their content and host it on a server I bought from Siteground

So I got happy with HTML, CSS, and JS and wanted to build some projects using Mongo, Express, and Node to build on this before venturing into Node Js

But then Brad Traversy dropped a new React Js course , so no time like the present I bought it and got stuck in, so I’m currently two-thirds of the way through that course, meaning I have built two of the test projects and ready to get going on my own ideas soon

So I’m still very limited in my knowledge with not enough solo projects to my name to feel any kind of confidence to know what I am doing but plenty of Udemy courses bought and a forever growing list of domain names I own, so that makes me a developer right?

What I Plan To Do Next

So my plan is to finish the React JS course, re-do my personal portfolio website in React Js based on what I have learned, and integrate Hashnode to display all my blog posts then I have a SAAS project idea I would like to try and launch, which I have not got high hopes of success but I want to learn the full cycle from idea to building and then open to the possibilities of selling it on to someone else either with the niche or through a service like micro acquire.

I will plan to write blogs about as much as I can when I remember but expect them to be sporadic and random subjects as my brain jumps back and forth. But next up will be a course review and also how I am going to switch my website from static HTML/CSS/JS to be React/tailwind combo

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